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Fierce Creatures Details


The starring cast of the hit [[Feature~V17540~A Fish Called Wanda~afishcalledwanda]] reunited for this farcical comedy, which star and co-screenwriter [[Performer~P85223~John Cleese~johncleese]] described as "not a sequel, but an equal." When London's Marwood Zoo is purchased by Octopus, Inc., the multi-national holding company run by New Zealand publishing tycoon Rod McCain ([[Performer~P38699~Kevin Kline~kevinkline]]), the staff is given a firm order: if the zoo is not turning at least a 20% profit soon, it will be shut down. Willa Weston ([[Performer~P16288~Jamie Lee Curtis~jamieleecurtis]]), who was recently hired by McCain to oversee another firm that bit the dust, is assigned to keep a watchful eye over zoo director Rollo Lee (Cleese), who gets the idea that since people seem to enjoy aggressive, violent entertainment at the movies, the zoo should round up and execute all the cute, benign animals and replace them with more vicious specimens to boost attendance. Needless to say, talkative zookeeper Adrian "Bugsy" Malone ([[Performer~P105433~Michael Palin~michaelpalin]]) is appalled at this suggestion and attempts to disguise the more timid beasts with fake fangs and daubings of artificial blood. Meanwhile, Rod and his son Vince (also played by [[Performer~P38699~Kevin Kline~kevinkline]]) want the animal displays to be more spectacular, and they hope to boost income by introducing corporate sponsorship with logos pasted on the cages, the staff uniforms, and even the animals themselves. An already complex situation is further tangled by the efforts of Vince, Rod, and Rolo to seduce Willa, whose obsession with the bottom line is compromised by her fondness for the gorillas. Fierce Creatures was originally shot in 1995, but when the original version tested poorly, producers [[Performer~P85223~John Cleese~johncleese]] and [[Performer~P110950~Michael Shamberg~michaelshamberg]] opted to reshoot part of the film (most notably the ending), with director [[Performer~P110149~Fred Schepisi~fredschepisi]] replacing [[Performer~P263868~Robert Young~robertyoung]] for the revised sequences. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


John Cleese
as Rolo Lee
Jamie Lee Curtis
as Willa Weston
Kevin Kline
as Vince McCain/Rod McCain
Michael Palin
as Adrian (Bugsy) Malone
Robert Lindsay
as Sydney Small Mammals
Jack Davenport
as Student Zookeeper
Anthony Pedley
as sea lion spectators
Jacqui Thomas
as student zoo keeper
Tom Georgeson
as sea lion spectators
Tessa Crockett
as background gorilla
Terence Conoley
as man in straw hat
Holly Hoffman
as background gorilla
Choy-Ling Man
as parrot keeper
Phillip Hill
as background gorilla
Ron Donachie
as Sergeant Irving
Ricco Ross
as TV Journalist
Michael Percival
as ant keeper
John Bardon
as sea lion spectators
Pat Keen
as woman's mother
Susie Blake
as woman in red dress
Ronnie Corbett
as Reggie Sealions
Kerry Shale
as frightened executive
Alisa Berk
as panda performer
Nicholas Hutchison
as TV reporter
Stewart Wright
as octopus security guard
Georgia Reece
as sponsor
Leon Herbert
as octopus security guard
John Alexander
as gorilla performer "Jambo"
Cynthia Cleese
as Pip Small Mammals
Peter Elliott
as gorilla performer
Dennis Lill
as woman's husband
Brian King
as Sponsor
Jennie Goossens
as sponsor
William Grove
as student zoo keeper
Kate Alderton
as student zoo keeper
Kim Vithana
as tiger keeper
Richard Ridings
as hugh primates
Maria Aitken
as Di Admin
Jenny Galloway
as aquarium keeper
Leslie Lowe
as assistant hotel manager
Amanda Walker
as zoo secretary
Derek Griffiths
as Gerry Ungulates
Mac McDonald
as TV producer
Carey Lowell
as Cub Felines
Hilary Gish
as sponsor
Tim Potter
as vulture keeper
Iain Mitchell
as assistant hotel manager
Mario Kalli
as background gorilla
Francis Pope
as student zoo keeper
Peter Silverleaf
as sponsor
Kate Harper
as assistant hotel manager
Kevin Moore
as hotel manager


Robert Young
Fred Schepisi
John Cleese
Michael Shamberg
John Cleese
Iain Johnstone
Ian Baker
Adrian Biddle
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Roger Murray-Leach
Production Designer
Kevin Phipps
Art Director
David Allday
Art Director
Patricia Carr
Steve Abbott
Executive Producer
Hazel Pethig
Costume Designer
Peter Howitt
Set Decorator
Stephenie McMillan
Set Decorator
Clare Awdry
First Assistant Director
Roy Stevens
First Assistant Director
Melvin Lind
First Assistant Director
Rona Brown
Neil Binney
Camera Operator
John Maskall
Camera Operator
Priscilla John
Chris Munro
Sound Mixer
Julia Duff
June Randall
Script Supervisor
Martin Asbury
Storyboard Artist
Brian Blamey
Foley Editor
Hilary Haines
Hair Styles
Darryl Worbey
Jerry Goldsmith
William Todd-Jones
Kenny Hall
Music Editor
Stephen Dobric
Su Whitaker
Neil Ravan
Unit Production Manager
Gilly Case
Location Manager
Jan Saad
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Rachel Neale
Location Manager
Simon Crane
Stunts Coordinator
Wanda Kelley
Callum McDougall
Unit Production Manager
Greg Powell
Stunts Coordinator
Gerry Jones
Hair Styles
Graham Hartstone
Re-Recording Mixer
Jim Clubb
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Penny Bell
Michael Howes
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Tim Rose
Guy Saad
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Max Hoskins
ADR Editor
Jan Jamison
Hair Styles
Jo Burn
Production Coordinator