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Femme Fatale Details


Brian De Palma blends the emotional netherworld of film noir with a stylish portrayal of life among the wealthy and powerful in Paris in this glossy thriller. Laure Ash (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) is a beautiful but mysterious woman who has aligned herself with a small ring of jewel thieves, led by a man known as Black Tie (Eriq Ebouaney), who has planned a major score during the Cannes Film Festival. Sexy model Veronica (Rie Rasmussen) is scheduled to make a spectacular entrance for the screening of director Regis Wargnier's picture, wearing a body-hugging piece of jewelry worth a cool ten million dollars. Laure approaches the sexually adventurous Veronica and is able to seduce her, while at the same time stealing her diamond-studded outfit and replacing it with a carefully constructed counterfeit. Veronica, however, also makes off the loot without giving her partners their cut, and must go into hiding in order to avoid the wrath of Black Tie and his cohorts. Fate allows Laure to make her way to the United States, where in time she marries a powerful politician. Photographer Nicolas Bardo (Antonio Banderas), however, had snapped a picture of Laure while she was on the lam years before, and when he takes an assignment to get a photo of the camera-shy woman, Laure realizes Nicolas is in a position to reveal her new identity to the world -- and put the bloodthirsty Black Tie back on her trail. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 6, 2002


Rebecca Romijn
as Laure Ash
Antonio Banderas
as Nicolas Bardo
Peter Coyote
as Bruce Hewitt Watts
Eriq Ebouaney
as Black Tie
Edouard Montoute
as Racine
Rie Rasmussen
as Veronica
Thierry Frémont
as Serra
Eva Darlan
as Irma
Gregg Henry
as Shiff
Sandrine Bonnaire
as Herself
David Belle
as French Policeman
Matthew Geczy
as Embassy Guard
Aurelie Pauker
as Brigitte
Philippe Guegan
as Bespectacled Man
Ugne Andrikonyte
as Festival Guest
Laurence Martin
as Nathalie
Olivier Follet
as Bodyguard Two
Jean Chatel
as Cannes Commentator
Gerard Renault
as Surveillance Room Guard
Alain Figlarz
as Sex Shop Man
Valerie Maes
as Blond (Restroom, Bridge & Cafe)
Jaoquina Balaunde
as Woman in Panic
Laurence Breheret
as Flight Attendant
Faco Hanela
as Poster Man
Gilles Jacob
as Himself
Stephane Petit
as Bodyguard One
David Cuny
as Groom Hotel Sheraton
Francoise Michaud
as Woman With Blind Man
Denis Hecker
as TV Moderator
Serge Gonnin
as Thierry
Eric Fesais
as Policeman
Regis Wargnier
as Himself
Pascal Ondicolberry
as Surveillance Room Guard
Jean-Marc Mineo
as Seated Guard
Matilde Tancredi
as Medium on TV Show
Regis Quennesson
as Tourist
Pascale Jacquemot
as Medium on TV Show
Jo Prestia
as Napoleon
Dan Herzberg
as Surveillance Room Guard
Leonardo de la Fuente
as Special Guest Cannes Film Festival
Henri Ernst
as Special Guest Cannes Film Festival
Yves Marmion
as Special Guest Cannes Film Festival
Marie Foulquie
as Tourist
Bertrand Merignac
as Photographer
Jean-Marie Frin
as Louis
Salvatore Ingoglia
as Truck Driver
Daniel Millgram
as Pierre/Bartender


Brian De Palma
Tarak Ben Ammar
Marina Gefter
Brian De Palma
Thierry Arbogast
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Composer (Music Score)
Bill Pankow
Anne Pritchard
Production Designer
Denis Renault
Art Director
Chris Soldo
Associate Producer
Mark Lombardo
Executive Producer
Francoise Benoit-Fresco
Set Designer
Olivier Beriot
Costume Designer
Jean-Paul Mugel
Sound/Sound Designer
Jerome Borenstein
First Assistant Director
Dominique Delany
First Assistant Director