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Fatso Details


In this dark and sometimes sad comedy, Dominick -- an extremely obese man -- is pushed by his sister Antoinette to shed a few pounds lest he end up dead like his cousin. To do so, she helps him enroll in the fanatical weight-loss group, the Chubby Checkers, who will do anything to keep fellow members from over-eating. Another incentive for Dominick is his love for Lydia, a women whom Dominick fears has deserted him because of his obesity.The process of weight loss is torture, and he is left with a painful choice (one that the naturally thin don't always understand), suffer the pain and lose the weight or somehow learn to live with it. After his initial attempts to lose weight end in failure, and he goes on a gigantic food bender (one of the great binge scenes in movie history), in the end, Dominick learns that Lydia loves him for who he is, and he decides that he should do himself the same favor. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

  • Release date:February 1, 1980


Dom DeLuise
as Dominick DiNapoli
Anne Bancroft
as Antoinette
Ron Carey
as Frankie
Candice Azzara
as Lydia
Michael Lombard
as Charlie
Sal Viscuso
as Vito
Delia Salvi
as Ida Rendino
Robert Costanzo
as Johnny
Estelle Reiner
as Mrs. Goodman
Richard Karron
as Sonny
Renata Vanni
as Zi Marie
Rudy de Luca
as Pat Manarino
Natasha Ryan
as Ann Marie
Elsa Raven
as Phil's Wife
Bob Curtis
as Father Monohan
as Chubby Checker Member
Dick Balduzzi
as Phil
Ralph Manza
as Danny
Merie Earle
as Mrs. Maluch
Arnold Soboloff
as Dr. Schwartzman
Paul Zegler
as Oscar Lapidus
Argentina Brunetti
as Zi Jule
Peggy Mondo
as Tessie


Anne Bancroft
Anne Bancroft
Joe Renzetti
Composer (Music Score)
Glenn Farr
Harold Michelson
Production Designer
Jonathan Sanger
Associate Producer
Linda de Scenna
Set Designer
Linda Francis
Jane Feinberg
Mike Fenton