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In yet another rubber-stamped, mid-'80s teen dancing film, hot on the success of , a group of high schoolers called the "Adventurers Eight" from Sandusky, Ohio (known by Midwest teens for its large amusement park), decide to undertake a journey to New York City to enter the Big Showdown, a dance competition with corporate sponsors. As though Sandusky were somehow insulated from the teen culture that otherwise spreads new trends like wildfire, these teens are not aware of the latest dance crazes on the streets of New York, something they pick up while in the city. But misfortune strikes, and they lose their one connection to entering the big contest. They then have to survive the usual con artists or worse -- look for another way to get into the competition. If this script had been rehauled by teens familiar with their real language and attitudes, then the title Fast Forward would apply more to the action in the movie than the remote control. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


John Scott Clough
as Matt Sherman
Don Franklin
as Michael Stafford
Irene Worth
as Ida Sabol
Tamara Mark
as June Wolsky
Cindy McGee
as Francine Hackett
Tracy Silver
as Meryl Stanton
Gretchen Palmer
as Valerie Thompson
Monique Cintron
as Rita Diaz
Karen Kopins
as Susan Granger
Sam McMurray
as Clem Friedkin
Kevin Jay
as D.J.
Bob Giovanne
as Policeman
Vince Cannon
as Head Electrician
Linda Talcott
as Caesar's Gang
Phyllis Erlich
as Landlady
Doris Belack
as Mrs. Gilroy
Lisa Maurer
as Restaurant Lady
Bob Lippre
as Band Leader
Michael Rougas
as Maitre d'
Michael de Lorenzo
as Caesar Lopez
Robert DoQui
as Mr. Hughes
David LeBell
as Hoodlum
Steve Beach
as Tenement Boy
Regan Patno
as Caesar's Gang
Panos Christi
as Maitre d'
Robin Bach
as Mark Dalton
Rick Rossovich
Constance Towers
as Jessie Granger
Dorian Sanchez
as Caesar's Gang
Noel Conlon
as Mr. Stanton
Bobbi Jordon
as Mrs. Stanton
Scott Wilder
as Hoodlum
Derrick Brice
as Caesar's Gang
Tony Cuen
as Tenement Boy
Jack Heller
as Boss


Sidney Poitier
Melville Tucker
John Patrick Veitch
Richard Wesley
Matthew Leonetti
Fred Koenekamp
Tom Bahler
Composer (Music Score)
Tom Scott
Composer (Music Score)
Harry Keller
Art Seid
Michael Baugh
Art Director
Robert Sessa
Set Designer
Eddie Smith
Walter Doniger
Sound Mixer
Richard Stenta
Production Manager
Marie Carter