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The Fast and the Furious Details


Frank Webster (John Ireland) is a man on the run. Newly broken out of prison, the former truck driver and convicted murderer takes Connie Adair (Dorothy Malone) hostage at a lonely roadside diner and commandeers her car, a racing job than she intended to drive in a rally. At first Connie is as frightened as any woman should be in such a situation, but she soon sees that Frank is more than a wanted criminal -- he's an innocent man trying to redeem his life, and forced by circumstance to commit acts of violence. Soon the two are on the run together, lovers and fugitives using the cover of the road rally as a dodge so he can get to the border and freedom. Connie tries to convince Frank to take a stand, get the evidence out that framed him, and redeem his honor, as the authorities close in on the fast-driving pair. The second movie ever produced by Roger Corman, The Fast and the Furious marked the first release of Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson and the beginning of their American Releasing Corporation, soon to be renamed American International Pictures. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


John Ireland
as Frank Webster
Dorothy Malone
as Connie Adair
Bruce Carlisle
as Faber
Marshall Bradford
as Race Official
Robin Morse
as Gas Station Attendant
Iris Adrian
as Waitress
Jon-Mikl Thor
as Police Sergeant
Bruno Ve Sota
as Truck Driver
Jon-Mikl Thor
as Police Sergeant


John Ireland
Roger Corman
Roger Corman
Jerome Odlum
Floyd D.Crosby