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Fashions of 1934 Details


Now known simply as Fashions, the lavish Warner Bros. musical Fashions of 1934 stars the unlikely but copacetic team of William Powell and Bette Davis. It all begins when genial con artist Sherwood Nash (Powell) transfers his base of operations from New York to Paris. Sensing that the fashion "racket" is a hot commodity, Nash puts all his energies into promoting heroine Lynn (Davis) as France's foremost fashion designer. Along the way, of course, Nash and Lynn fall in love, but first the plotline must find a nice way to dispose of Nash's former partner-in-crime The Duchess (Veree Teasdale), currently posing as a White Russian Countess. Fashions is the picture in which a bevy of Busby Berkeley beauties are dressed (but just barely) as harps, prompting the apocryphal admonition from a chorus girl's mother, "Mr. Berkeley, I didn't raise my daughter to be a human harp!" ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Bette Davis
as Lynn Mason
William Powell
as Sherwood Nash
Veree Teasdale
as Grand Duchess Alix/Mabel McGuire
Reginald Owen
as Oscar Baroque
Hugh Herbert
as Joe Ward
Henry O'Neill
as Duryea
Frank McHugh
as Snap
Phillip Reed
as Jimmy Blake
Gordon Westcott
as Harry Brent
Dorothy Burgess
as Glenda
Etienne Girardot
as Glass
George Humbert
as Caponelli
Nella Walker
as Mrs. Van Tyle
Lee Phelps
as Desk Clerk
Hobart Cavanaugh
as M. Gautier
Sam McDaniel
as Cleaning Man
Jane Darwell
as Dowager
Eric Wilton
as 2nd Butler
Helen Freeman
as Mme. Margot
Juliet Ware
as Girl
Laura Treadwell
as Woman
Georges Renavent
as Fashion Salon Owner
Martin Kosleck
as Dance Director
Frank Darien
as Jules
Busby Berkeley
Arthur Treacher
as Butler
Albert Conti
Spencer Charters
as Telephone Man


William Dieterle
Henry Blanke
Carl Erickson
Gene Markey
Kathryn Scola
Frederick Hugh Herbert
Warren B. Duff
Screen Story
Leo F. Forbstein
Musical Direction/Supervision
Leo F. Forbstein
Composer (Music Score)
Irving Kahal
Composer (Music Score)
Sammy Fain
Composer (Music Score)
Jack Killifer
Jack Okey
Art Director
Costume Designer
Busby Berkeley
Perc Westmore