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Falling Down Details


It's just not William Foster's (Michael Douglas) day. Laid off from his defense job, Foster gets stuck in the middle of the mother of all traffic jams. Desirous of attending his daughter's birthday party at the home of his ex-wife (Barbara Hershey), Foster abandons his car and begins walking, encountering one urban humiliation after another (the Korean shopkeeper who obstinately refuses to give change is the worst of the batch). He also slowly unravels mentally, finally snapping at a fast-food restaurant that refuses to serve him breakfast because it's "too late." Running amok with an arsenal of weapons at the ready, Foster -- also known as "D-FENS" because of his vanity license plate -- rapidly becomes a source of terror to some, a folk hero to others. It's up to reluctant cop Prendergast (Robert Duvall), on the eve of his retirement, to bring D-FENS down. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:February 26, 1993


Michael Douglas
as D-Fens/William Foster
Robert Duvall
as Prendergast
Barbara Hershey
as Beth
Rachel Ticotin
as Sandra
Tuesday Weld
as Mrs. Prendergast
Frederic Forrest
as Surplus Store Owner
Lois Smith
as D-Fens' Mother
Ebbe Roe Smith
as Guy on Freeway
Carole Ita White
as 2nd Officer at Beth's
Amy Morton
as Mom "Back Yard Party"
Jack Kehoe
as Street Worker
Carol Androsky
as Woman who Throws Up "Whammyburger"
James Morrison
as Construction Sign Man by Bus Stop
D.W. Moffett
as Detective Lydecker
Macon McCalman
as Detective Graham
Irene Olga Lopez
as Angie's Mother
Benjamin Mouton
as Uniformed Officer at Beth's
Bruce Beatty
as Police Clerk
Spencer Rochfort
as 2nd Gay Man
Mathew Saks
as Officer At Station
Russell Curry
as 2nd Officer's Partner
Dean Hallo
as Uniformed Officer's Partner
Peter Radon
as 1st Gay Man
Mark Frank
as Annoying Man at Phone Booth
Karina Arroyave
as Angie
Pat Romano
as Gang Member 3
James Keane
as Detective Keene
John Fink
as Guy Behind Woman Driver
Jack Betts
as Frank (Golfer)
DeDee Pfeiffer
as Sheila "Whammyburger"
Brent Hinkley
as Rich "Whammyburger"
Eddie Frias
as Gang Member 2
Wayne Duvall
as Paramedic
Agustin Rodriguez
as Gang Member 1
Marion Dougherty
John Fleck
as Seedy Guy in Park
Al Mancini
as Jim (Golfer)
Raymond J. Barry
as Captain Yardley
John Diehl
as Dad "Back Yard Party"
Kimberly Scott
as Detective Jones
Vondie Curtis-Hall
as Not Economically Viable Man
Michael Paul Chan
as Mr. Lee
Richard Montoya
as Detective Sanchez
Stephen Park
as Detective Brian


Joel Schumacher
Herschel Weingrod
Arnold Kopelson
Ebbe Roe Smith
Andrzej Bartkowiak
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Hirsch
William S. Beasley
Production Designer
Barbara Ling
Production Designer
Larry Fulton
Art Director
Stephen Brown
Nana Greenwald
Dan Kolsrud
William S. Beasley
Associate Producer
Ebbe Roe Smith
Associate Producer
Arnon Milchan
Executive Producer
Brad Ricker
Set Designer
Cricket Rowland
Set Designer
Marlene Stewart
Costume Designer
Michael Runyard
Marion Dougherty