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The Falcon and the Snowman Details


John Schlesinger directed this fact-based drama - adapted from Robert Lindsay's bestseller of the same title -- about two Californians, friends since boyhood, who are caught selling government secrets to the Soviet Union. Christopher Boyce (Timothy Hutton) is an all-American boy, studying for the priesthood in a seminary. But Boyce decides to drop out of school, and with the help of his father (Pat Hingle), a FBI agent, he gets a job working for the CIA in a message-routing center. While reading the messages, Boyce is shocked to learn that the CIA is involved in fixing Australian elections. Watching the Watergate hearings on television, he feels an ever-mounting sense of outrage at the arrogance of the U.S. government and decides to do something about it. Deciding to supply the CIA messages to the Russians, he enlists his childhood friend Daulton Lee (Sean Penn) to help him. Lee is to deliver the CIA secrets to a Russian operative (David Suchet) at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. But Lee is an unreliable drug dealer, and his sloppy spy trail leads the two old friends into more trouble than they bargained for. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:January 25, 1985


Timothy Hutton
as Christopher Boyce
Sean Penn
as Daulton Lee
David Suchet
as Alex
Lori Singer
as Lana
Pat Hingle
as Mr. Boyce
Dorian Harewood
as Gene
Richard Dysart
as Dr. Lee
Mady Kaplan
as Laurie
Macon McCalman
as Larry Rogers
Boris Leskin
as Mikhael
Jennifer Runyon
as Carole
Joyce Van Patten
as Mrs. Boyce
Priscilla Pointer
as Mrs. Lee
Chris Makepeace
as David Lee
Michael Ironside
as F.B.I. Agent
Carlos Romano
as Inspector Estevez
Jeff Seyfried
as Pool Man
Karen West
as Boyce Child
Stanley Grover
as NSA Inspector
Lara Harris
Arthur Taxier
as F.B.I. Agent
Leopoldo Frances
as Nigerian Diplomat
Burke Byrnes
as U.S. Customs Agent
Martha Campos
as Carmen
Sam Ingraffia
as Kenny Kahn
Jaime Garza
as Raul
Herbie Wallace
as Pet Shop Owner
Anatoly Davydov
as Guard
Valerie Wildman
as U.S. Embassy Official
Vic Polizos
as FBI Interrogator
Bob Nelson
as F.B.I. Agent
Stephen E. Miller
as Newscaster
Tom Nolan
as Undercover Cop
Bob Arbogast
as Guard
George Belanger
as U.S. Consul
Nicholas Pryor
as Eddie
Rob Newell
as Boyce Child
Marvin J. McIntyre
as Ike
Guillermo Rios
as Drug Dealer
Jerry Hardin
as Tony Owens
Arturo Comacho
as Boyce Child
Drew Snyder
as F.B.I. Interrogator
Abel Franco
as Interrogator
Philip Carey
as Pan Am Clerk
Annie Kozuch
as Boyce Child


John Schlesinger
John Schlesinger
John Daly
Edward Teets
Gabriel Katzka
Steven Zaillian
Robert Lindsey
Book Author
Allen Daviau
Lyle Mays
Composer (Music Score)
David Bowie
Pat Metheny
Composer (Music Score)
Richard Marden
James D. Bissell
Production Designer
Michael Childers
Associate Producer
Jim Teegarden
Set Designer
Albert Wolsky
Costume Designer
Justin Derosa
Fred Hice
Greg Brickman
Michael Dennison
Costumes Supervisor