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Saddled with a £50,000 which he has only four days to pay off before suffering grievous bodily harm, a petty London criminal attempts to carry out an ingenious art scam in director Richard Janes' spirited caper comedy. Nick Blake (Matthew Rhys) owes smooth-operating crime lord Foster Wright (Art Malik) a sizable dept, and if he doesn't cough up the cash in four days the situation promises to turn nasty. Desperate to find a means of raising the cash but unable to carry out the kind of heist that could get him out of his peculiar jam, Nick believes that he has found a solution to his problem when he discovers a lost sketch by revered Italian artist Antonio Fraccini. Nick's plan hits a hitch, however, when he discovers that the sketch is only worth £15,000. Now, with the clock ticking down and mere hours to go before Art sends his thugs out to collect, desperate Nick will enlist the aid of his cynical friend Eve and her talented artist brother Tony in forging the sketch and selling copies to five different Mayfair galleries in the short span of one hour. Should Tony and his partners in crime successfully execute their carefully planned ruse, the galleries won't even realize they've been swindled until it's too late. If the plan goes awry, on the other hand, Tony will be a wanted man on both sides of the law. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 6, 2007


Richard Janes
Richard Janes
Todd Kleparski
Claire Bee
Paul Gerstenberger
Balazs Bolygo
Kevin Sargent
Composer (Music Score)
Sam Clark-Hall
Art Director
Rosie Chambers
Executive Producer
Fleur Hetherington
Executive Producer
Luke G. Jones
Executive Producer
Christopher Shepley
Executive Producer
Robert Kirkland
Executive Producer
Katie Waite
Costume Designer
Elaine Fallon
Tania Polentarutti