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Fade to Black Details


An interesting, introspective variant on the '80s slasher formula, this low-key psychological thriller details the troubled life of obsessed movie junkie Eric Binford (Dennis Christopher), whose love of old movies extends far beyond his job at a film distributor's warehouse and endless late-night film screenings in his bedroom. His singular obsession eventually rounds the bend into psychosis after he crosses paths with a Marilyn Monroe look-alike (Linda Kerridge), who becomes the physical embodiment of his cinematic desires. When stood up on what he believed would be their first date, Eric becomes homicidally unbalanced, transforming himself into a gallery of classic movie characters -- including Dracula, The Mummy, Hopalong Cassidy, and Norman Bates -- and sets out to destroy his oppressors, starting with his crotchety wheelchair-bound Aunt Stella (Eve Brent Ashe), then targeting a boorish co-worker (a very young Mickey Rourke), and eventually working his way toward Kerridge. The film begins with a groovy concept, but loses something in the execution -- the horror and comedy elements fail to gel completely, and Christopher's performance is too creepy to generate much empathy. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Dennis Christopher
as Eric Binford
Linda Kerridge
as Marilyn
Tim Thomerson
as Dr. Moriarty
Morgan Paull
as Gary Bially
Hennen Chambers
as Bart
Bob Drew
as Rev. Shick
Gwynne Gilford
as Anne
John Steadman
as Sam
Mickey Rourke
as Richie
Peter Horton
as Joey
Norman Burton
as Marty
James Luisi
as Gallagher
Anita Converse
as Dee Dee
Marcie Barkin
as Stacy
Marya Small
as Doreen
Teddi Siddall
as Jill
Sharon Schlarth
as Mail Girl
Marilyn Staley
as Starlet
Sharon Schlarth
as Mail Girl
Teddi Siddall
as Jill
Marya Small
as Doreen


Vernon Zimmerman
George G. Braunstein
Sylvio Tabet
Ron Hamady
Vernon Zimmerman
Alex Phillips, Jr.
Craig Safan
Composer (Music Score)
James Ruxin
Howard Kunin
Barbara Pokras
Joseph Wolf
Associate Producer
Irwin Yablans
Executive Producer
Sylvio Tabet
Executive Producer
James Wayne
Special Effects
Ron Fury
First Assistant Director