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Factory Girl Details


The true story of one woman's brief and ultimately tragic flirtation with fame in the 1960s provides the basis for this biographical drama. In 1943, Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller) was born to a wealthy and socially prominent family, and she grew up with beauty and money, but also a history of mental illness; she was hospitalized with an eating disorder in her late teens, and by the time she was 21, two of her seven siblings had died before their time. In 1964, Edie moved to New York City, and quickly made a splash on the Manhattan social scene; she became friendly with the famous pop artist Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce), who was fascinated by her gamine loveliness and her quirky personality. Warhol wasted no time in casting her in one of his underground movies, and she quickly became a crucial part of his retinue of "superstars." Fashion icon Diana Vreeland (Illeana Douglas) was convinced Edie had the looks and charm to also become a successful model, and soon she was gracing the pages of Life, Vogue, and Glamour. But Edie's instability was hardly helped by her new fast-lane lifestyle, and when she met Billy Quinn (Hayden Christensen), a folk rock singer-songwriter often cited as "the voice of a generation," he persuaded her that Warhol and his associates were simply using her fame and beauty for their own gain, and she found herself torn between two powerful mentors, one of whom had become her lover as well. Factory Girl also co-stars Jimmy Fallon, Mena Suvari, and Tara Summers as regulars at the Warhol "Factory." The character of Musician was inspired in part by Bob Dylan, who was romantically involved with Edie Sedgwick for a brief time. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 2, 2007


Sienna Miller
as Edie Sedgwick
Hayden Christensen
as Billy Quinn, Musician
Guy Pearce
as Andy Warhol
Jimmy Fallon
as Chuck Wein
Mena Suvari
as Richie Berlin
Shawn Hatosy
as Syd Pepperman
Armin Amiri
as Ondine
Illeana Douglas
as Diana Vreeland
Edward Herrmann
as James Townsend
Jack Huston
as Gerard Malanga
Beth Grant
as Julia Warhol
Tara Summers
as Brigid Polk
Johnny Whitworth
as Silver George
James Naughton
as Fuzzy Sedgwick
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
as Ingrid Superstar
Don Novello
as Mort Silvers
Grant James
as Priest
Richard Folmer
as Waiter
Tarajia Morrell
as Reporter At JFK Airport
Charles Ferrara
as Vendor At Flea Market
Samantha Maloney
as Mo Tucker
Meredith Ostrom
as Nico
Jeffrey Galpin
as Horse Trainer
Robert Lasko
as Frank (Cowboy Twin 1)
Richard Lasko
as Leo (Cowboy Twin 2)
Renee Vincent
as Mrs. Shingle
Thomas Faustin
as Aru
Peggy Walton-Walker
as Alice Sedgwick
Will Carter
as Gino
Alexi Wasser
as Lexa Spence
Marian Faddis
as Diana Vreeland's Assistant
Brandon Olive
as Factory Freak
Trace Cheramie
as Gay Cowboy
Kent Jude Bernard
as Elmo Who
Trisha Meaney
as Musician's Wife
Madeleine Poirrier
as Young Edie
Mikey Post
as Taxi Driver
Brendan Faddis
as Rocco
Jim Coope
as Harvard Club Waiter
Colleen Camp
as Mrs. Whitley
Joel Michaely
as Joey
Morris Bart
as Reporter
Tim Soergel
as Gay Cowboy #2
Peter Barnes
as Reporter
Deneen Tyler
as Wanda
Georgina Chapman
as Interviewer
Tommy Perna
as Jack (Muscle Mary Bouncer)


George Hickenlooper
Holly Wiersma
Aaron Richard Golub
Malcolm Petal
Morris Bart
Kimberly C. Anderson
Captain Mauzner
Screen Story
Captain Mauzner
Simon Monjack
Screen Story
Aaron Richard Golub
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Michael Grady
Ed Shearmur
Composer (Music Score)
Matt Aberle
Musical Direction/Supervision
Michael Levine
Jeremy Reed
Production Designer
James A. Gelarden
Art Director
Captain Mauzner
Michael Post
Associate Producer
Richard Dupont
Associate Producer
Robert Dupont
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Colin Hudson
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Rebecca Mangieri
Antonio L. Arroyo
Sound Mixer
Barbara Fiorentino
Boris Malden
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