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Eyes Wide Shut Details


The final work of legendary director Stanley Kubrick, who died within a week of completing the edit, stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, at the time Hollywood's most bankable celebrity couple, and was shot on a open-ended schedule (finally totaling over 400 days), with closed sets in London standing in for New York City. Cruise and Kidman play William and Alice Harford, a physician and a gallery manager who are wealthy, successful, and travel in a sophisticated social circle; however, a certain amount of decadence crosses their paths on occasion, and a visit to a formal-dress party leads them into sexual temptation when William is drafted into helping a beautiful girl who has overdosed on drugs while Alice is charmed by a man bent on seduction. While neither William and Alice act on their adulterous impulses, once the issue has been brought into the open, it begins a dangerous season of erotic gamesmanship for the couple, with William in particular openly confronting his desire for new sexual experiences. What didn't make the final cut of Eyes Wide Shut may have been as fascinating as what finally appeared on screen: Harvey Keitel was replaced almost immediately by Sydney Pollack, while Jennifer Jason Leigh was replaced by Marie Richardson after she had shot all her scenes and left town. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:July 16, 1999


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Jocelyn Pook Best Original Score 1999 Nominee


Tom Cruise
as William Harford
Nicole Kidman
as Alice Harford
Sydney Pollack
as Victor Ziegler
Marie Richardson
as Marion
Rade Serbedzija
as Milich
Todd Field
as Nick Nightingale
Vinessa Shaw
as Domino
Alan Cumming
as Desk Clerk
Sky Dumont
as Sandor Szavost
Fay Masterson
as Sally
Leelee Sobieski
as Milich's Daughter
Thomas Gibson
as Carl
Louise J. Taylor
as Gayle
Stewart Thorndike
as Nuala
Julienne Davis
as Mandy
Carmela Marner
as Waitress at Gillespie's
Matthew Thompson
as Masked Party Goer
Georgina Finch
as Masked Party Goer
Gavin Perry
as Rowdy College Kid #2
Gary Goba
as Naval Officer
Phil Davies
as Stalker
Treva Etienne
as Morgue Orderly
Kyle Whitcombe
as Rowdy College Kid #6
Jackie Sawiris
as Roz
Eiji Kusuhara
as Japanese Man #2
Janie Dickens
as Masked Party Goer
Christian Clarke
as Rowdy College Kid #5
Adam Lias
as Rowdy College Kid #4
Michael Doven
as Zielger's Secretary
Randall Paul
as Harris
Joanna Heath
as Masked Party Goer
Togo Igawa
as Japanese Man #1
Russell Trigg
as Masked Party Goer
Ben De Sausmarcz
as Masked Party Goer
Kathryn Charman
as Masked Party Goer
Kevin Connealy
as Lou Nathanson
Anthony Desergio
as Masked Party Goer
Cindy Dolenc
as Girl at Sharky's
Paul Spelling
as Masked Party Goer
Peter Benson
as Bandleader
Colin Angus
as Masked Party Goer
Rade Sherbedgia
Angus MacInnes
as Gateman #1
Leslie Lowe
as Illona
Laura Fallace
as Masked Party Goer
Karla Ashley
as Masked Party Goer
Clark Hayes
as Hospital Receptionist
Adam Pudney
as Masked Party Goer
Abigail Good
as Mysterious Woman
Mariana Hewett
as Rosa
Ateeka Poole
as Masked Party Goer
Leon Vitali
as Red Cloak
Brian W. Cook
as Tall Butler
James Demaria
as Masked Party Goer
Kate Whalin
as Masked Party Goer
Lee Henshaw
as Masked Party Goer
Peter Godwin
as Masked Party Goer
Sam Douglas
as Cab Driver
Chris Pare
as Rowdy College Kid #3
Florian Windorfer
as Maitre D' -- Cafe Sonata


Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick
Frederic Raphael
Arthur Schnitzler
Book Author
Jocelyn Pook
Composer (Music Score)
Nigel Galt
Les Tomkins
Production Designer
Margaret Adams
Production Designer
Kevin Phipps
Supervising Art Director
John Fenner
Art Director
Brian W. Cook
Jan Harlan
Executive Producer
Marit Allen
Costume Designer
Edward Tise
Sound/Sound Designer
Brian W. Cook
First Assistant Director
Leon Vitali
First Assistant Director
Leon Vitali
Denise Chamian
Kerry Warn
Hair Styles
Arthur Schnitzler
Short Story Author
Malik Hassan Sayeed
Second Unit Camera
Patrick Turley
Second Unit Camera