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Eye of the Tiger Details


The budget may be loftier, but Eye of the Tiger is essentially an up-to-date AIP motorcycle flick. Ex-convict Buck Mathews (Gary Busey) lives as quietly as possible in his old home town. The corrupt local sheriff (Seymour Cassel) would give anything to drive Buck out of town: thus, the sheriff looks the other way when a motorcycle gang headed by Blade (William Smith, who else?) invades the community and targets Buck for extermination. With no one else on his side, Buck turns to honest cop J.B. Deveraux (Yaphet Kotto), but he's a few days away from retirement and doesn't want to get involved. It turns out that the only "good guy" Buck can depend upon is a "bad guy": A well-connected Latino drug lord who owes Buck a favor. When the chips are down and Buck's daughter is kidnapped, Deveraux joins in the climactic offensive against the bikers--which, of course, boils down to a mano-y-mano struggle between Buck and Blade. You've seen it all before, but in this case familiarity does not breed contempt. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Gary Busey
as Buck Mathews
Yaphet Kotto
as J.B. Deveraux
Seymour Cassel
as Sheriff
Bert Remsen
as Father Healey
William Smith
as Blade
Kimberlin Ann Brown
as Dawn
Denise Galik
as Christie
Judith Barsi
as Jennifer Matthews
Eric Boles
as Doctor
Jorge Gil
as Jamie
Ted Markland
as Floyd
Timothy Scott
as Deputy
Amelia Haas
as Melody
Douglas Dirkson
as Jimmy
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
as Jamie's Relative
Jim Staskel
as Raider-Napper
Kathryn Fuller
as Bingo Lady
Cooper Huckabee
as Roger


Richard Sarafian
Tony Scotti
Michael Montgomery
Peter Lyons Collister
Charlie Midnight
Dan Hartman
Don Preston
Composer (Music Score)
Rick Shaine
Gregory Prange
Herb Nanas
Executive Producer
Kurt Gauger
Set Designer
Barbara Inglehart
Costume Designer
John David Coles
Special Effects
Richard Helmer
Special Effects
James Schwalm
Special Effects
Gunther Jennings
Special Effects