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The Expendables Details


An all-star cast of action-movie icons headline Sylvester Stallone's explosive action thriller about a group of hard-nosed mercenaries who are double-crossed during a treacherous mission. Approached by the shadowy Church (Bruce Willis) to overthrow tyrannical South American dictator General Gaza (David Zayas) and restore order to the troubled island country of Vilena, stoic soldier of fortune Barney Ross (Stallone) rounds up an unstoppable team that includes former SAS soldier and blade specialist Lee Christmas (Jason Statham); martial arts expert Yin (Jet Li); trigger-happy Hale Caesar (Terry Crews); and cerebral demolitions expert Toll Road (Randy Couture). Traveling to Vilena on a reconnaissance mission with his old pal Christmas, Barney meets their local contact, a cagey guerrilla fighter named Sandra (Giselle Itie), and together the trio scopes out the landscape.. It isn't long before Barney and Christmas have discovered that their actual target is not General Gaza but James Monroe (Eric Roberts), a former CIA operative who has recently gone rogue. Monroe won't be easy to get to either, because his hulking bodyguard Paine (Steve Austin) is a force to be reckoned with. When their mission is compromised, Barney and Christmas are forced to flee, leaving Sandra behind to face almost certain death. But Barney isn't the kind of soldier to abandon a mission, or a hostage, and now in order to get the job done he'll need the help of his old crew. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 13, 2010


Sylvester Stallone
as Barney 'The Schizo' Ross
Jason Statham
as Lee Christmas
Mickey Rourke
as Tool
Terry Crews
as Hale Caesar
Jet Li
as Yin Yang
Dolph Lundgren
as Gunner Jensen
Randy Couture
as Toll Road
David Zayas
as General Gaza
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
as Paine
Charisma Carpenter
as Lacy
Eric Roberts
as James Munroe
Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Trench
Gary Daniels
as The Brit
Amin Joseph
as Pirate Leader
Ronn Surels
as American Operative
Daniel Arrias
as Cell Guard #2
Hank Amos
as Paul


Sylvester Stallone
Kevin King-Templeton
Avi Lerner
John Thompson
Sylvester Stallone
Dave Callaham
Screen Story
Dave Callaham
Jeffrey Kimball
Brian Tyler
Composer (Music Score)
Ken Blackwell
Paul Harb
Franco-Giacomo Carbone
Production Designer
Drew Boughton
Supervising Art Director
Scott Plauche
Supervising Art Director
Matt O'Toole
Robert Earl
Basil Iwanyk
Executive Producer
Les Weldon
Executive Producer
Guymon Casady
Executive Producer
Trevor Short
Executive Producer
Danny Dimbort
Executive Producer
Eda Kowan
Executive Producer
Jon Feltheimer
Executive Producer
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Executive Producer
Jason Constantine
Executive Producer
Lizz Wolf
Costume Designer
Deborah Aquila
Tricia Wood
Scott Coulter
Visual Effects Producer
Ed Lipscomb
Location Manager
Sharon Smith Holley
Visual Effects Editor
Spiro Razatos
Second Unit Director
Wes Caefer
Visual Effects Supervisor
Rob Van Norden
Production Supervisor
Scott August
Second Assistant Director
Corey Yuen
Martial Arts Instructor/Coordinator
Chad Stahelski
Stunts Coordinator
Matt Venables
Department Head Hair
Nathalie Samanon
Post Production Supervisor
Scott Eddo
Department Head Makeup
Aimee Stuit
Meagan McLaughlin
Costumes Supervisor
Richard Schoen
Costumes Supervisor
Ken Diaz
Nona Khodai
First Assistant Editor