The Good, The Bad, The Bogus: Sports Movies

Feb 02, 2012 Comments
The Bad: Juwanna Mann

When future civilizations uncover our works of art, let us pray they do not find this film among them. It will betray our weakness as a society. Juwanna Mann is the story of a disgraced NBA player (Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.) who is so desperate to regain his former glory that he dresses in drag to play for the WNBA. There are subplots. One involves a potential suitor (Tommy Davidson) unaware of Juwanna Mann’s true gender. Imagine the hilarity that springs forth from this misunderstanding. Don’t worry. I couldn’t think of anything, either.

Problems arise when Juwanna falls for a sexy teammate (Vivica A. Fox) who believes him to be a woman. Think Twelfth Night only with slightly more dunking. This movie uses basketball as an entry point into a plot filled with absurdity, bad jokes, and romantic entanglements. It’s cheap, disingenuous, and it leads us, kicking and screaming, into a world no one wants to see: the WNBA.

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