Judgment Dave: Movies Need Lesbians. Lots and Lots More Lesbians

Oct 28, 2013 Comments
Go Fish, 1994

Guinevere Turner as Max

Two years after Basic Instinct riled everyone up, a mouthy (okay, super talky) little black-and-white, zero-budget indie film was a big art house success that laid down a breath-of-fresh-air template for how lesbians would be portrayed on-screen. Shocker: they weren’t all exactly the same. Case in point, Max, conventionally pretty yet uninterested in being any straight guy’s lipstick lesbian fantasy, she browses indie comic books and dresses postgrunge and falls for old-school granola lesbian Ely (V.S. Brodie). Max was the early '90s lesbian dream date. No ice pick, for starters.


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