The Reykjavík International Film Festival: Iceland's Undiscovered Gem

Oct 08, 2012 Comments
Dario Argento 

I’m a sucker for horror, my short film gets into RIFF and Dario Argento just happens to be the guest of honor. I’m telling you, it was meant to be. Argento was honored with the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the opportunity to screen three of his films. In an effort to keep this light, I won’t get into my thoughts on his latest, Dracula 3D, but screenings of Suspiria and Inferno were must-sees.

Argento also took part in a master class, which was more of a Q&A than class, but he did offer up quite a few interesting details in terms of his music choices, color pallets, thoughts on the horror-remake craze and more. Incredibly friendly and appreciative, it was a pleasure to see Argento take the time to greet every fan in the room.

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