A Guide to the Best Evil Corporations from Sci-Fi Movies

Jun 07, 2012 Comments
RDA - Avatar

In James Cameron's Avatar, every character you see is working for the Resources Development Administration, which has a monopoly on anything shipped from the beautiful world of Pandora back to the folks at home on earth. RDA put a lot of money into Pandora and we find out soon enough that they are willing to do anything to make sure that investment pays off.

Sure, RDA funds some science expeditions, but with the discovery of unobtanium, ethics soon become a liability. RDA wants their floating rocks and so sympathy for the natives takes a back door to profit. Soon enough RDA shows their true colors and orders their private army into a war with the natives, but luckily the natives had a handful of disloyal RDA employees to save them. We suspect RDA is already thinking of evil ways to get those rocks in the sequel.

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