8 Great ... Board Games That Need Their Own Movies

May 14, 2012 Comments
Don't Break the Ice

Don’t Break the Ice first came out in 1968 and has since been responsible for giving generations of children the giggles, or life-long anxiety. The game consists of a plastic stand filled with “ice” blocks that players then remove individually with a small mallet, turn-by-turn until all the blocks fall. The player that removes the most “ice” is the winner. Doesn’t that scream apocalyptic Arctic adventure? With the glaciers melting around the globe, a crack team of environmental scientists and ice climbers travel to the frozen poles to investigate a solution…until they fall into a crevasse and land in an unstable cavern. The team has to battle the melting elements to make it out alive.

Possible director: Roland Emmerich (2012). If there’s something getting destroyed or falling on humanity’s head epically in a movie, there’s a good chance Roland “Apocalypse” Emmerich is responsible for it. The man loves to cut swaths of destruction everywhere he goes and a title like Don’t Break the Ice is already begging for his overblown hand.

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