8 Great ... Kids Behaving Violently

Mar 19, 2012 Comments
Hayley Stark – Hard Candy

It’s one thing to come across a kid who’s off his or her rocker, but when you find one able to carry out a plot like Hayley Stark, it’s incredibly disturbing. We’re always worrying about the poor little girls who get swept up in online dating schemes, but Hayley really turns the tables on this scenario. Sure, Jeff might deserve to suffer the consequences for what he’s done, but Hayley’s actions are pure torture.

She undoubtedly has the ability to put an end to Jeff’s life right from the start, but she really drags it out, torturing him not only with physical pain, but also with a sadistic mind game, forcing him to weigh his options: kill himself or stay alive and lose everything. It’s his nightmare and she loves it.

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