8 Great... Mythological Creatures That Desperately Need to Be in More Movies

Feb 26, 2013 Comments
Man-Eater from V/H/S

It’s a wonder there aren’t more man-eater-based horror movies out there. Similar to vampires, they can sex up a scenario, but, unlike vampires, they aren’t done to death. In fact, David Bruckner’s portion of V/H/S is an excellent candidate for expansion. First off, Bruckner actually manages to nail a prime requirement of the found-footage format – the need for a good reason for characters to be filming. A group of guys hoping to make an amateur porno with a hidden camera? Makes sense. But then we get Lily, a pretty yet oddball target. The idea of the guys letting a seemingly socially awkward girl tag along is totally innocent and reasonable, but what follows most certainly is not.

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