'Martha Marcy May Marlene's Patrick and 8 Other Crazy Movie Cult Leaders

Feb 23, 2012 Comments
Excommunicated Catholic Priests – The Sentinel

I guess it could be a stretch to say that the line of excommunicated Catholic priests that run things in The Sentinel are leading a “cult,” but I think it’s the closest thing you could call it. These insane priests have been hanging out in a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone for who knows how long, sitting by the window, and keeping the demons at bay. You see, that beautiful brownstone is also a gateway to Hell and these priests have been convincing new guardian’s to take over for ages including, eventually, the new resident Alison Parker (Cristina Raines).

Not only do the priests themselves exhibit cult-like behavior, but they also persuade Parker to commit suicide to end her suffering and become the next guardian at the window. Winner’s film is creepy to the max and it’s a film that deserves a resurgence of interest, if for nothing more than to see Burgess Meredith’s genius, harried performance.

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