8 Great...Weird-Pregnancy Movies

Aug 17, 2010 Comments
Knocked Up (2007)

Okay, yes, technically this does not count as a “weird” pregnancy. But it counts as a weird moment in the pop culture landscape, as the film provided endless discussions about and assumptions regarding how a hot woman like Katherine Heigl would never have A) gotten with a guy like Seth Rogen in the first place, no matter how drunk she was and B) not gone ahead and just had an abortion to save her career and distance herself from him as soon as possible. But think about it: Someone out there keeps making guys like Seth Rogen. Evolution, in all the years of humans making humans, didn’t select other genes over the kind he possesses. And you know what? That means there are actual real-life women who find guys like him perfectly attractive options for mating and parenting. Seth Rogen, you can send me a thank you note courtesy of this website. I like gift cards to expensive bakeries.

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