A Guide to the Best Evil Corporations from Sci-Fi Movies

Jun 07, 2012 Comments
Lunar Industries - Moon

At first Lunar Industries seems like your typical future mining company. They produce helium-3 on the Moon and then send it home to Earth where it's used for clean fusion energy. Their mining facilities are mostly automated, but do require one person to keep an eye on things for a lonely, but comfortable stay on the Moon.

Ah, but looks can be deceiving. You see Lunar Industries figured that instead of training and shipping miners to the Moon they would save a few bucks and just generate clones with implanted memories (and training). And for that extra added bit of evil, they didn't tell the clones they were clones. Once exposed by a clone that figured it all out, LI took a hit to their share price. But like any good evil corporation, they will bounce back. Maybe they'll discover some unobtanium.

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