A Complete Beginner's Guide to the World of 'John Carter'

Mar 05, 2012 Comments
Humans of Earth -- John Carter

John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) opens the film as a broken man after his time in the Civil War. While he’s remained honorable, he just wants to be left alone – not something the U.S. Army agrees with. When he runs from their attempt to draft him again, he is transported to Barsoom. Adrift and confused, he is enslaved by Tars Tarkas of the Tharks. But once John discovers that he has gravitationally enhanced powers, he becomes a lightning rod for all of the warring tribes that see him either as a potential savior or a weapon to finally end the war in their favor. He enlists the help of new allies like Tars and Princess Dejah Thoris to help him get home, but their plight is too big for him to ignore. 

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