10 Things Hollywood Should Retire in the New Year

Jan 01, 2014 Comments
Doing remakes when you've got nothing new to offer

Remakes have potential. Evil Dead proved it. Fede Alvarez didn’t have anything revolutionary to add in terms of story, but he still delivered an iteration overflowing with exceptionally well-composed shots of gore and a wicked amount of momentum.

Remakes are meant to both stand on their own and honor the original. Evil Dead did that. Carrie and Oldboy, on the other hand, were mere cut-and-paste jobs, and subpar ones at that. Both made attempts at repurposing classics with modern spins, but that approach didn’t tap into anything new, leaving viewers with nothing to think about besides how it compared to the original. And when that’s the only thing worth mulling over, the remake is bound to lose.

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