8 Great ... Board Games That Need Their Own Movies

May 14, 2012 Comments

With its origins dating back to China, Stratego’s been popular with U.S. game players since the Milton Bradley licensed it from a toy company in the Netherlands in 1960. It’s a classic war-based strategy game where two players face off against one another across a game board using pieces that vary in strength for one-to-one combat moves. The object is to capture your opponent’s flag or make them surrender. Two-sides waging a bitter combat where they need to use their wits and knowledge of their foe to turn the tide of battle in their favor – that’s dramatic gold! All that’s left is to set up two opposing characters that are experts in the art of war with their own unique perspectives so the audience is torn about whom is the most righteous.

Possible director: Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker). The Academy Award winning director knows how to tell stories featuring incredibly tense and compelling conflict situations. Whether this becomes a Cold War period piece or follows a more contemporary conflict, Bigelow can deliver.

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