8 Great ... Kids Behaving Violently

Mar 19, 2012 Comments
Hanna – Hanna

Hanna is no joke. She may not have many social skills, but she can speak a number of different languages, is incredibly bright and manipulative, and can blow your brains out in an instant. With Marissa Wiegler and the CIA on her tail, the odds are certainly against Hanna, but thanks to her years of training, dedication and ability to make due on the film’s “adapt or die” tagline, Hanna gets the opportunity to unleash her wicked battle skills on the enemy.

What makes Hanna that much more impressive is her control over her emotions. When her father is out of the picture, she’s practically all alone, and while revelations about her past stir some nerves, you never doubt that she’ll ultimately do what needs to be done.

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