8 Great ... Foreign Flicks You Should See Before the U.S. Remakes

Dec 21, 2011 Comments
Remake: Interview

In 2003, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh directed Interview, a simple, conversationally complex interaction between an interviewer and a soap opera actress. Only one year later, the filmmaker was assassinated for his involvement in a film that questioned how Islamic women are treated. In his honor, a collection of U.S. remakes were made, the best of which is Steve Buscemi’s Interview. There’s much to be said (or questioned) about whether remakes can honor a foreign filmmaker when they come to stand in place for the original. But regardless of worthiness, the original is just as necessary to watch as Buscemi’s loyal remake – both as a film in and of itself and as one of the final pieces in a notable filmmaker’s work.

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