8 Great... Mythological Creatures That Desperately Need to Be in More Movies

Feb 26, 2013 Comments
Yeti/The Abominable Snowman

John Ratzenberger’s snow cone-making Yeti in Monsters, Inc. is good fun and all, but this is a massive, mysterious beast, rocking an enchanting urban legend that makes it prime villain material. The Abominable Snowman subset of the Yeti is particularly ripe for adaptation; the denomination stems from the unusual footprints Lt. Colonel Charles Howard-Bury tracked down while leading the Everest Reconnaissance Expedition. That excursion did involve Sir George Mallory, so perhaps we could actually see the Abominable Snowman pop up rather soon in the Tom Hardy-starrer Everest. Then again, odds are, Everest isn’t that type of movie.

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