10 Tips on How to Live Your Life, According to 'Big'

Dec 09, 2013 Comments
10. There Will Always Be a Frightened Kid in You, and That’s Okay

In the middle of a fight, Susan asks Josh if he seriously doesn’t think there is a frightened kid in her sometimes. For all of Big’s emphasis on the importance of keeping something of our playful, happy inner kid alive, in a way this is the more important lesson. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you’re never going to be scared, hurt, overwhelmed, intimidated, insecure or vulnerable ever again.

We may grow up, but that doesn’t mean that scared little kid in all of us ever goes away. It’s why the scene in the movie where Josh curls up and cries during his first night in the sketchy hotel is so poignant. That image is so powerful because it’s so recognizable. When life gets hard, who of us hasn’t literally or metaphorically felt the exact way Josh does in that moment? What Big tries to tell us is that that’s okay. 

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