The Reykjavík International Film Festival: Iceland's Undiscovered Gem

Oct 08, 2012 Comments
Iceland 101

For those of you who aren’t geography savvy, Iceland is located in the North Atlantic, just northwest of the United Kingdom. Not the best place for a volcano to blow during the Cannes Film Festival. However, while we were all flipping out about filmmakers and patrons getting to and from France, tourists and Iceland natives alike enjoyed yet another incredible sight to add to the country’s list of breathtaking views.

When it’s time to sit back, schmooze and relax, drinks of choice include some of the best coffee and beer I’ve tasted. A picky eater when it comes to meat, I often skipped over the lamb, whale and horse, but indulged in salmon with a wonderfully delicate flavor and a dessert tradition, super thin pancakes topped with jam, sugar and whipped cream, and rolled up neatly before eating.

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