Cine Latino: 20 Hispanics Who Have Conquered Hollywood

Sep 15, 2012 Comments
Honorable Mentions:

Gregory Nava, writer and director known for El Norte, Selena, Mi Familia and Frida.

Oscar Isaac, actor known for The Nativity Story, W.E., Drive, and The Bourne Legacy. Isaac will appear next in the Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis, a drama based on the early 1960s folk-music scene in Greenwich Village.

Michael Peña, actor who recently co-starred in End of Watch, 30 Minutes or Less, The Lincoln Lawyer, Battle Los Angeles and Crash.

Other notable mentions: Dolores del Rio, Anthony Quinn, Rita Hayworth, Lupe Velez, Beatriz Michelena, Ramon Navarro and Luiz Valdez.

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