8 Great ... Unexpected Appearances of Presidents in Movies

Jun 19, 2012 Comments
John F. Kennedy in Bubba Ho-Tep

Lastly, there is the best, and most delightfully strange, of the presidential cameos. In this comedy horror film, Ossie Davis plays J.F.K. to Bruce Campbell’s Elvis, both men confined to a nursing home plagued with a re-animated zombie. In this J.F.K.’s mind, he was dyed black after the attempted assassination, before being abandoned in the home by Lyndon Johnson. He’s delusional, but he does sport a distinct and well-placed head wound that supports his theory. Davis’ J.F.K. is the kickass presidential hero fighting an undead scourge well before Abe Lincoln got in on the act, and he’s left the bar very, very high.

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