8 Great... Unexpected Appearances of Presidents in Movies

Feb 20, 2017 Comments
John F. Kennedy in Bubba Ho-Tep

Lastly, there is the best, and most delightfully strange, of the presidential cameos. In this comedy-horror film, Ossie Davis plays J.F.K. to Bruce Campbell’s Elvis, both men confined to a nursing home plagued with a reanimated zombie. In this J.F.K.’s mind, he was dyed black after the attempted assassination, before being abandoned in the home by Lyndon Johnson. He’s delusional, but he does sport a distinct and well-placed head wound that supports his theory. Davis’ J.F.K. is the kick-ass presidential hero fighting an undead scourge well before Abe Lincoln got in on the act, and he’s left the bar very, very high.

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