SXSW: The 20 Most Buzzed-About Films of the Fest

Mar 16, 2012 Comments
Iron Sky

Directed by: Timo Vuorensola

So it turns out that every film is exactly 4 words away from becoming a hit, and those 4 words are “Nazis on the moon.” Despite mediocre reviews out of Berlin, Timo Vuorensola’s sci-fi epic -- about a group of elite Nazis emerging from their secret moon base to finish what Hitler started -- was one of the hottest tickets at SXSW. It was hard to find someone who hadn’t either seen it, or been shut out from it, and harder still to find someone who liked it. Still worth it for the Udo Kier factor (on a related note, the SXSW set by Brooklyn noise trio “The Udo Kier Factor” was excellent).

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