The Good, The Bad, and the Bogus: High School Party Movies

Feb 27, 2012 Comments
Bogus: Accepted

Speaking of movies that go too far with a totally unrealistic scenario, a group of college rejects starting their own school? Yeah, right. Accepted is overflowing with absurdity – the group pulling the whole thing off with a mere website, anyone taking the school initials, S.H.I.T., seriously (then again, there really is a U.T.I. out there) and the fact that Justin Long’s character is named Bartleby. What parent does that? But still, here’s a case where a movie is packed with silliness, but embraces it. While Accepted never actually intends to convince you this can really happen, it takes itself and its characters seriously enough to offer a good time with a little bit of heart to boot.

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