8 Great ... Awkward Movie Moments at the Dinner Table

Nov 23, 2011 Comments

Finally, we cheat for what may be the mother of all awkward dinner moments. No, the Pascal clan never makes it to the dinner table, but they’re about to on that stormy night, before the power dies, ending the big holiday feast. As they sip their pre-dinner Liebfraumilch, the verbal gloves come off. It’s not just the outsider v. family showdown when Lesly meets her new fiancée’s family.

Practically every type of awkward situation begins to brew: Jackie-O barrels down any path of cruel honesty and banalities that will make Lesly feel like a dumb, poor outsider; Lesly retaliates; Marty tries to keep the peace; and Anthony becomes increasingly enamored with his brother’s fiancée. Of course, this taboo aspect is nothing compared to the explosive revelation that comes later in the night, which makes the previously mentioned moments pale in comparison…

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