The Most Appropriately Hilarious and Ridiculously Bad Haircuts on Film

Sep 13, 2011 Comments
Carrie Fisher in Star Wars

Sure, Princess Leia’s style is a big-screen icon, but come on -- would you ever go out of the house with buns around your ears? Then again, on Halloween, Leia’s a popular costume of choice and perhaps it’s because the look is so easy to achieve (case in point: there are a bunch of companies that manufacture headbands with her donuts of hair attached to the side). And, yet again, this look warrants itself to a Google search because not only are there a slew of solid costume replicas out there, but there’s some pretty amusing renditions, too – my favorite being puppy Leia and baby Leia. Oh, and apparently there’s a My Little Pony Leia, too.

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