The Most Appropriately Hilarious and Ridiculously Bad Haircuts on Film

Sep 13, 2011 Comments
Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men

Anton Chigurh’s hair deserves all the attention in the world in honor of the fun that’s been had with it. Just do a search for “Javier Bardem’s Hair in No Country for Old Men” and you wind up with a slew of goodies including parodies, posters, likenesses and more. Even beyond the jokes associated with Bardem’s look, the hairstyle actually says quite a bit about the character. As ridiculous as it looks, it’s still rather well manicured. This isn’t a guy who just rolls out of bed and locks and loads; he’s at least running a comb through his hair, something that oddly correlates to his intense efforts when mending his own wound and his concern to keep things clean when his works gets dirty (and bloody).

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