8 Great...Back-to-School Movie Lessons

Sep 05, 2011 Comments
Don’t Piss Off Your Teachers (Election, 1999)

In her feverish, over-achieving determination, Tracy Flick forgot one important thing when she ran for student body president: No one’s going to help you if they don’t like you. Flick alienated everyone at school on her quest for success. Mr. McAllister may have overstepped his bounds in his desperation to avoid Tracy, but it’s hard to blame the man for trying. Tracy was a fiery, emotionally imbalanced mess so singularly focused that she didn’t really comprehend the results of her actions whether she got a teacher and lover fired or drove another beloved educator to revenge.

At least Tracy is in good company. Heck, even Mr. McAllister himself was once Ferris Bueller, tormenting the dean while carrying a lucky horseshoe up his tuckus. And let us not forget Spicoli and Mr. Hand in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and the one girl who understood this lesson quite well – Clueless’ Cher, who made high school a whole lot easier for herself and her friends when she fixed up two lonely teachers.

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