8 Great...Casting Decisions

Apr 11, 2011 Comments
John Travolta – Pulp Fiction

In the early ‘90s, John Travolta’s life pretty much consisted of flying airplanes and starring in progressively less adorable Look Who’s Talking movies. Seemingly typecast as the Welcome Back Kotter/Grease/Saturday Night Fever guy, things were looking pretty grim for the almost-40 actor. That is until red-hot Quentin Tarantino fought tooth and nail to cast him as Vincent Vega in his new gangster film, Pulp Fiction (a role studio execs wanted to give to Daniel Day-Lewis!). Paid a mere $100,000 for the role, Travolta turned a chubby, heroin-addicted petty thug into a film icon. 

Now tell us your favorite bits of movie casting--and were you surprised they worked out?

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