8 Great…Reasons To Hope for an Alien Invasion

Nov 08, 2010 Comments
Even if they did want to fight us, it would be a pretty cool battle.

God knows that no one in their right mind would ever want to see the majority of humanity decimated by an extraterrestrial attack. But Roland Emmerich did, and he made a pretty entertaining movie as a result: Independence Day, which features some great action scenes, as well as a virtual bible of those Will Smith one-liners. But John McTiernan’s 1987 documentary Predator proves without dispute that on a one-to-one basis, human beings are by far the most dangerous game in the universe, especially if they are mud-covered Austrian seven-time Mr. Olympia winners with dubious English pronunciation and promising Hollywood careers ahead of them.

Got a favorite "good-guy alien" movie, or you like your extra-terrestrials extra nasty? Tell us below.

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