The Good, the Bad, the Bogus: Movie Sidekicks

Jul 02, 2013 Comments
Bogus: Jay Chou, The Green Hornet

The 1960s TV series breathed new life into characters created for radio in the 1930s and marked the first major U.S. role for Bruce Lee as Kato, a sidekick who could kick serious butt. For the movie version, however, Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou was cast, and the character upgraded to a (not quite) full-fledged partner to Seth Rogen's comedic take. With multiple performances in Asian films under his belt, Chou was comfortable on-screen, but his limited martial arts skills, even aided by digital wizardry, made no one forget Bruce Lee, and Kato was transformed into a more flattering, but still stereotypical and ultimately bogus, movie Asian. 

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