From 'Trollhunter' to 'V/H/S' - Movie Monsters Deserving of Their Own Prequels

Jun 20, 2013 Comments
Cloverfield Monster

Due to the found-footage perspective, we never get to learn all that much about the Cloverfield monster’s origins, but even though producer J.J. Abrams, director Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard chose to do that deliberately to make the point-of-view approach more realistic, they still did go into production with a solid understanding of “Clover’s” condition. Abrams explained, “He’s a baby. He’s brand new. He’s confused, disoriented and irritable. And he’s been down there in the water for thousands and thousands of years.” Reconsidering the monster’s New York City rampage with those attributes in mind undoubtedly makes you wonder where did he (she?) come from and why.

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