How to Survive the Apocalypse (According to the Movies)

Apr 17, 2013 Comments
It'll Help if You're Charlton Heston

If there was one man who knew how survive better at the end of the world than anyone else, it was the late Charlton Heston, who faced his fair share of cinematic apocalypses. To prepare yourself for the end of the world is to learn from Mr. Heston's successes and his failures -- note how his take-no-prisoners attitude allowed him to escape from a city of talking simians in Planet of the Apes, but also note that his well-armed, tough-as-nails survivor didn't live to see the end credits of The Omega Man because he let himself get too attached to a group (see "There Is Not Alway Safety In Numbers").

Of course, you'll also have to avoid his bad habit of shouting his shocking discoveries at the top of his lungs to whoever will listen, but that's certainly doable.

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