8 Great…Men in Tights!

May 11, 2010 Comments

Released in 1955, this camp, slapsticky rollick of a movie set the knightly comedy bar ridiculously high. Jesterfollows the adventures of unlikely scaredy-cat rebel Danny Kaye, who pretends to the be the great court jester Giacomo as part of a scheme to reinstall the true heir to the throne. What other flick in all of filmdom can boast a scene in which the lowly masses gather to swear allegiance to an infant’s ass, his diaper hilariously loosened again and again to flash the purple mark of royalty? With some of the most sidesplitting repartees ever --“The vessle with the pestle?” anyone?--this one’s got it all, including Angela Lansbury in her prime. “Get it? Got it. Good.”

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