8 Great…Love Triangles

Jul 01, 2010 Comments

Keith (Eric Stoltz), an arty senior and grimy mechanic given to eyeliner as only ‘80s misfits were, pines from afar for popular girl Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson) who herself is given to suits -- yes suits -- paired with mid-calf cowboy boots. Keith’s best friend and true love (though he’s too blinded by his own crush to notice) is tomboy rebel Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) who favors red leather fringed gloves, high-waisted jeans and drumsticks as accessories. The plot thickens when Amanda agrees to go out with Keith to make her rich jerk boyfriend jealous. Lovestruck, Keith blows all his college savings on earrings for his amour, while Watts plays the jealous chauffeur on the date of the century. Amanda eventually realizes she’s standing in the way of the real thing and despite the fact that everyone mistakenly thinks Watts is a lesbian, she ends up getting the guy, the earrings and the best line in the movie, directed at her rival: “Break his heart, I break your face.”

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