8 Great...Weird-Pregnancy Movies

Aug 17, 2010 Comments

Joan Rivers directed and co-wrote this oddity. It stars young Billy Crystal as the world’s first pregnant man (some 15 years before The Governator got preggo in Junior). And it is, more than any other film on this list, something you really have to see to believe. It’s funny, it’s not funny, it’s shocking, it’s boring, it’s stupid, it’s racist, it’s cringe-inducing, it’s audacious, it’s inept. It’s a classic of WTF weirdness and as close to outsider cinema as you can get from a director who’s actually an entertainment industry veteran. It’s also not available on DVD in the U.S. and is out of print elsewhere. But if you try hard enough maybe you can hunt one down on VHS. Go on, think of it as a dare.

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