The Lamest Villains in Action-Movie History

Nov 21, 2012 Comments
Ernest Stavro Blofeld - For Your Eyes Only

It's ironic that Ernest Stavro Blofeld will likely stand the test of time as James Bonds' most iconic villain, as the series portrayed him with such wild inconsistency. At times Blofeld really lives up to his legend. The Telly Savalas version in On Her Majesty's Secret Service has particular bite, for instance. And then there's the For Your Eyes Only Blofeld, a moron who laughs maniacally at his own bad puns while mildly irritating Bond with a wacky remote-controlled helicopter ride.

Soon Bond takes control of the helicopter, scoops Blofeld's wheelchair up, and drops him down a smoke stack. So there we have it. Bond's greatest villain, the murderer of his one true love, diminished to the likes of a pre-credits comedy stinger.

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