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The Evening Star Details


Shirley MacLaine reprises her award-winning performance as Aurora Greenway in this sequel to Shirley MacLaine. Fifteen years after the death of her daughter Emma, Aurora is still keeping an eye on her three grandchildren and not having very good luck with it. Tommy (George Newbern) is currently doing time on drug charges; Teddy (MacKenzie Astin) has a job with no future and an ill-mannered child whose mother, Jane (China Kantner), doesn't believe in traditional discipline; and Melanie (Juliette Lewis) is bound and determined to put Aurora through as much grief as Emma did. Aurora has a number of other adversarial relationships to contend with; she often spars with Patsy (Miranda Richardson), a friend of Emma's dead mother, and her housekeeper Rosie (Marion Ross), who is having a tentative late-term romance with the next-door neighbor, Arthur (Ben Johnson). Aurora's own love life is not doing so well. Her affair with The General (Donald Moffat) is on its last legs, she ends up sleeping with her analyst Jerry (Bill Paxton), and she confesses to her former flame Garrett (Jack Nicholson) that she has yet to meet the love of her life. Like Shirley MacLaine, The Evening Star was based on a novel by Texas author Larry McMurtry; this was the final film for actor Ben Johnson, who died before it was released and who received an Academy Award and made a major comeback for his work in another film based on a McMurtry novel, McMurtry. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 25, 1996


Shirley MacLaine
as Aurora Greenway
Bill Paxton
as Jerry
Juliette Lewis
as Melanie Horton
Miranda Richardson
as Patsy
Ben Johnson
as Arthur Cotton
George Newbern
as Tommy Horton
Marion Ross
as Rosie Dunlop
MacKenzie Astin
as Teddy Horton
Jack Nicholson
as Garrett Breedlove
Scott Wolf
as Bruce
Donald Moffat
as Hector Scott
China Kantner
as Jane
Donald Moffat
as Hector Scott
Scott Wolf
as Bruce


Robert Harling
Polly Platt
Robert Harling
Keith Samples
David Kirkpatrick
Robert Harling
Don Burgess
Priscilla Nedd-Friendly
David Moritz
Bruno Rubeo
Production Designer
Richard L. Johnson
Art Director
Dennis Bishop
Rick Simpson
Set Designer
Douglas Axtell
Sound/Sound Designer
Steve Danton
First Assistant Director
Jennifer Shull